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King of Mondays

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – W.C.

Yes, yes. Take it from my main man, Winston Churchill. I mean clearly, he was the king of Mondays. But hey, if he can do it, so can we, right?

Pick yourself up ladies and gents, it’s time for some Manageable Monday tips with Nat & Liz!

♥ Meal prepping! (Nope, not the crazy ‘lose weight fast kind’) I’m talking, think about five easy, complicated, whatever kind of meals you’d enjoy throughout the week. Go out the Friday, Saturday or Sunday before and get your ingredients. No more running out nightly for forgotten ingredients. (Trust me, I am a repeat offender, but the weeks when I have my stuff together, I feel so much better!)

♣ Dressing for success! Okay, maybe just grabbing outfits for the next day will do. grab your phone, turn on your TV, tune that radio. However you can, look over the weather for the next day. Then… listen up… this is good… pick one or two outfits (depending on how wrong you think the weather folk may be) and place them on your dresser, nightstand, in the bathroom for the next morning. If you have little ones, this one is definitely a lifesaver. Especially since the morning can be so obnoxiously crazy getting ready for school, work, daycare, or even just a day out.

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Pssssst… if you’re interested in reading about five easy, healthy, homemade dishes that I enjoy making throughout the week, comment below and let me know!


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