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Move It Monday’s

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Good Morning everyone and happy….(record stops abruptly). Let’s face it, there is no such thing as a happy Monday in retro spec. Unless, you’re one of those people who love everything and everyone, lucky you! Majority of the world hates Mondays. So as my first post I thought a cliché “How to fix your Monday Blues” would be a good way to start.

We’ll call this section Move It Monday. These are things I’ve tried in the past. I have to admit some of these made a difference to my morning, I no longer do these things so this isn’t just a motivational post for you, its one for me too. So let’s kick Monday’s ass next week.

Tip Uno: Beauty Sleep

This almost goes without saying but GO TO BED EARLY on Sunday. This is a mistake often made when ending the long weekend. You stayed up Friday, you stayed up Saturday, don’t be selfish, cut your body some slack by Sunday. More often than not the world wakes up already in a bad mood why add tired to that? Now you’re moody and tired, ON a Monday. So get everything you need done on Sunday and hit the sheets early, watch a movie, read a book, say a prayer and close your eyes.

Tip Dos: Alarm Clock Sounds From Hell

I’ve realized that as soon as my alarm clock goes off on Monday morning I wake up with a scowl. That scowl will stay with me all through brushing my teeth, dressing into my clothes, brushing my hair, walking out the door (the sun will say to me Good Morning Nata..) and I won’t want anything to do with it. SOO what do we do? How can we fix this? Well do I have an answer for you! (car selling commercial voice). Now I’m not sure if I read this somewhere before or if I just knew this off hand but I noticed that my alarm sound is the most horrendous thing I have ever heard. Why? Is it because I picked the most loudest, most annoying ringtone in the world thinking, the louder, the uglier the sound, the more I’ll HAVE to get up? This thinking process is toxic. How is it that I am forcing myself to get up with such hostile intentions? Let me torture myself awake! CHANGE YOUR TONE! (You better change your tone young lady/man!) Anyone who just thought of their mom or dad raise your hand. Anyway, change it. Something classy, something seasonal, something you would like. Stop worrying that it won’t wake you up. You’re sleeping not deaf. (Side note keep your phone away from you so your  not tempted to mess with it in the night and when it blares off in the morning you have to get up to shut it off)

Tip Tres: Quote-a-day

This one is my absolute fave. Everyone come around, listen up, come closer, you’re about the read the best life tip ever. (Squeaks in excitement) Download a quote a day app. Any app. Pick one. Stick to it. Set it up for a notification every morning. Whatever that quote may say to you, stick by it through that entire day. Eat it for breakfast, take it out for lunch, talk about it through dinner. I use this everyday! It’s a blessing. You will not regret letting something so positive and inspiring into your life.

Side Notes: Let us know what apps you downloaded! Send us some quotes, tell us what that quote did to your day? Did something amazing happen because of it?


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