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Prepping for Santa!

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Christmas Eve Activities!

           Prepping for Santa

Objective: We need to get all of these done before Santa comes tonight!

  • Homemade snowflakes! There won’t be any snow for Christmas so Santa needs snowflakes!

You will need: paper and scissors.

Grab some blank paper and cut it into a perfect square. Fold it diagonally. Keep folding and cutting shapes around the edges and corners until you have chip sized piece. Unravel and reveal a snowflake for Santa!)

  • Make homemade Rice Krispy treats! Santa loves treats shaped like candy canes, snowmen, gingerbread men and Christmas trees!

You will need: 1 box of Rice Krispy cereal, preferable Christmas edition red and green and 1 bag of Jumbo Marshmallows.

(Melt butter in a medium sized pot on low. Once melted, slowly drop in Jumbo Marshmallows, you’ll want to use the entire bag. Stir Marshmallows until melted. Turn off stove once Marshmallows melt. You will need 6 cups of Rice Krispy cereal. Pour in 3 cups first, then stir, pour in the remaining 3 and stir again. Once cooled down place mix in bowl and start shaping into anything you’d like for a tasty treat.

  • Since you made treats for yourself, you now need to make Santa’s COOKIES. Make Santa chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of milk! He gets really hungry flying all across the world! If you’re feeling really nice leave Santa’s reindeer carrots! (Be sure to write Santa a thank you note for stopping by too!)


To finish off Christmas Eve night watch a movie starring Santa with hot cocoa!! Watch an oldie, watch a newbie, anything is perfect as long as everyone’s together!


And before everyone shuffles off to bed make sure the Christmas tree is lit and Santa’s cookies and milk are placed nicely on the table.


Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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