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Be The List!

Image result for list makingIf you are reading this then congratulations! You have survived the holidays! Let’s all take a moment to pat ourselves on the back and pray for our wallets to heal. It only gets better from here folks! I dont know about you but excitement is wellling up my chest for the new year. Now, I dont plan on ranting about New year resolutions BUT (oh no! not the but! Its the but!) (lmao i just thought of finding nemo, “he touched the but”) ok ok, sorry i got off topic. BUT, it’s always good to make a mental note or list of what you want different for the new year. It’s not really a goals list which is what New year resolutions are usually about. Instead of setting a goal to acheive just make a list of things you want to do. I feel like this sounds and looks much easier than a “my goal is to save money or my goal is to quit smoking”. SO how about we try making it sound a little more like this: This year im smiling more, im laughing more, im traveling somewhere anywhere, im gona be a rich mofo by the end of the year, im going to find happiness within myself, im gonna learn some new jokes and be the best clown there ever was, im going to do more charity work, im gonna be lazy only once a week…. maybe twice, im gonna learn to cook some bomb shit and make a website about it, im walking into victoria secret and buying the first product i see without checking the price, (this next ones for the dudes) *in man voice* im not gonna piss outside once this year! *Back to girly but raspy voice* The list goes on and no you cant steal my ideas get your own!! I’m kidding, i’m kidding *lightly pushes shoulder*

Anyway I hope this gave you some inspiration somehow someway.




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