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Blog, baby.

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Good Afternoon amazing humans whom we’ve never met! Happy Wednesday but feels like Tuesday day! (We all had Monday off) We just wanted to stop by and send a post to you guys just saying how excited we are for the upcoming year for our blog. In case you’re wondering who the heck is we, its us! Natalie and Elizabeth! Its not one person with multiple personalities we promise, I mean how many blogs do you think are like that………we wont answer that. Anyway, as usual getting off topic again. This blog is our new born baby. It started with an idea and gradually the idea formed into a descision that we were ready to be blog parents. We wont get into details on how our blog baby was made just know we had to do it together and it was slow and nervewracking process with butterflies and sweaty palms. It took awhile to come up with a name for our blog baby and we mean hours of constant “ooh, what about this one?” By the time we finalized our due date for our precious baby blog we had so many ideas and activitites we couldnt wait to do that time literally flew by. AND here we are *sniffles*. We hope to be the best blog parents there is and we love the support and love you all have and will give us with our amazng journey! There will be laughter, there will be tears and there will be everything else above, below and in between. So please stay close or take us with you! Please?!

With much love and devotion,

Nat & Liz


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