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Tip Tuesday!


Recently, Nat and I have been writing, a lot. Well, not on here as you can see, but we do write! Between back and forth emails, rough drafts of stories, ideas for blog posts we are pretty much all over the place.

Sometimes when you write a lot, you tend to miss the most common mistakes. (I am sure we have a few on here, too.) Or you may just want to sound more professional, use less passive voice, or confirm that your writing is easy to understand.

While browsing on Pinterest (the best website ever) I saw a pin about Hemmingway Edits.

The website link is:

It highlights the following:

  • sentences that are hard to read
  • sentences that are very hard to read
  • phrases with simpler alternatives (this highlight also offers suggestion once moused over)
  • how many times you used passive voice (and how many is reccomended)
  • & the amount of adverbs used

This part isn’t highlighted, but it also tells you what grade level you write at. I have noticed when writing my rough drafts, I write at an elementary school level, but yet, after revisions and rewriting, I write at a college level.

Anyway, what a great site for any writer needing a little help. Or any student needing help as well! Enjoy! And have a wonderful tuesday!

Dream on,

Liz & Nat




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