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Nat & Liz’s Special News Report



We all know the love hate relationship we have with snow is a surreal feeling. We love it from the ages of our tike days, waking up and watching the bottom of the news screen waiting for your prison of a Schools name to pop up alphabetically and then…


We end up playing outside for hours. Did we have super powers back then? Just the thought of sitting and rolling in the snow for hours now as an adult is crazy to me. You need me to stand outside for how many hours? Hold on, let me get my special ordered eskimo body suit that comes with an internal heater that notches up about 70amps of power.

As kids though it was nothing but a winter wonderland just begging to be thrown around and molded. I’ve never met a kid who didn’t love the snow and if you have then you need to call NASA right now because you are in the midst of an alien my friend.

Now moving forward a few years, passing by the tike stage, the ugly awkward unproportioned stage, and the rude depressed door slamming stage, we arrive at adulthood.

OH look they are outside right now protesting!


We hate driving in it. We hate cleaning it off our cars. We hate that our bosses cant see it. We hate having to buy new tires for it and we point blank hate it.

WARNING: Weather news people say snow showers for tonight and all through tomorrow.


However, it is your choice to believe them or not. We all know that they get paid no matter what they say.

“Weather update: possible snow tomorrow, but not likely AT ALL.”

Reality: heading to work in your snow shoes, icicles dripping from your face while you dig your way through mountains of snow because your boss listened to the forecasters while on vacation somewhere warm and sunny. Yay…

“Special report: major snowstorm tomorrow, prepare for a complete white-out!”

Reality: 1 inch of snow, if that and now you’re kids are stuck home. (Shhh, we won’t tell if you slip in a movie and let them sip on some Benadryl, it’s okaaay!)

Kidding, kidding. But folks. Where the duck is Spring?!

Stay warm kids!

Nat & Liz ♥


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