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An Invitation


Welcome February and Happy Groundhog Day!

Or is it? I mean, Mr. Punxsutawney Phil did in fact see his shadow, which apparently means six more weeks of winter. Where art thou, Spring?
Whatever the season, whatever the weather, we can make this work!

Spring will come soon enough and then we can resume the following:


Anyway, I didn’t want this post to be about ground hogs or spring, even though these are not bad topics to babble on about. I want to post an invitation for all writers of all kinds. This invitation entails a gateway to our email for anything you writers may need advice on or just another set of eyes on. We highly support anyone who loves writing and wants to succeed in writing. If your passionate about something you should do everything in your power to do that something every day. No matter how small or how much time is spent on it, it makes a difference.

The whole reason for this blog is for us to join together with others who share our passions, fears and uniqueness. So why not lend a helping hand, a steady eye or a careful ear to those surrounding us?

Blogs are supposed to be inspired by your everyday activities, your creative mind and your outlook on life. A perpetual world where we could exist and stand out or stay behind the curtains and watch from afar¡ There is no shame in being overly confident or underly shy (is underly even a word?).

Anyway, join us, believe with us and help us make a difference by letting us help you. We love every single one of you mystical creatures and would love to hear your stories, where your from, what you dream to do and help you achieve every goal you have.

With love & admiration, Nat & Liz ❤



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