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Daily Dose of Wisdom

“You keep me sane woman! here I am reading into things like a mosquito and a bright light and you pull me back and slap me silly!!! I just pictured us being mosquito and you grabbing me and slapping me in a high tiny voice telling me to keep it together!” – Natalie

It seems only right that we make this legit.

Mosquito Skit







Nat: It’s – it’s just so pretty. I need it.

Liz: Get your flappy ass back here, where you going?

Nat: But you don’t understand—-

*Liz takes one of nat’s wings by her… hand/claw/thing and pulls her away*

Liz: If you go, you die. If you die, I die. If WE die, we gon’ be missin out on a lotta good suckin’!


Okay, that was way more pervy than I wanted. But please read in an obnoxiously high voice for full effect!


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