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New phone, who dis?


Hey there! 

How ya been?

Long time, no… read? Write? Review? Chit chat?


I don’t know. Whatever you want to call it, it has surely been a long time. (Hey, don’t call me Shirley!) [Nerd reference: movie is Airplane, watch it or be lame-ish.]

Anyways, we are back. Or planning on being back. FOR GOOD! MUAHAHA! Nothing can stop us.

A sebatacle isn’t always a bad thing right? Sometimes we have to walk away to figure out what matters most? Wow. That was a cheesy way to talk about a blog, but hey, it happened and I am moving on.



Cough cough, you can meet me down here when you’re ready to move on, too.

So… are we ready for more laughs? More stories? More randomness and blogging about the craziness of everyday life? (I know I am!)


Upcoming events…

  • tiling with smart tiles!
  • cleaning hacks!
  • writer’s block!
  • photography by Nat!
  • and more!

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